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Branding: Business Identity & Online Presence


What Does Your Online Presence Say About Your Business?

If you’re a business that has a profile anywhere on the web… your appearance really matters. Whether you know it or not people make decisions about whether to interact with your company or not based off of what they see reflected online. What do these potential customers find? Do you look like an established legitimate and reputable business? If your sisters, 3rd cousin built your website and is maintaining most of your online presence as a consequence, there may be cause for concern.

Think about it, if you needed to spend a few thousand dollars in remodeling your bathroom. Say you Googled bathroom remodelers and found two possible companies you were really considering:

One company had a beautiful website that answered all of your questions, gave you easy to understand contact instructions, and even had a nice looking portfolio of other bathrooms they had remodeled a few of which were in your neighborhood. When you looked at that companies Facebook page they had 3,000 followers and lots of satisfied customer reviews with an overall rating of 4.8 stars.

The second company you considered had a website that looked like it was developed when the internet was first established. You had to search over the whole site to find a contact number. When you visited the companies Facebook page it had 24 likes and no ratings.

Which company would you spend your money with? People are making decisions about your company in the same way. The world wide web has leveled the playing field for many small businesses, but in order to take advantage of this opportunity you must convince your potential customers that you are a legitimate and reputable company. Let Six Hat Solutions present your business on the best light possible.

Anthony is quite brilliant at what he does and is extremely diligent. His communication is fantastic and is willing to go above and beyond. He is reliable and efficient and is willing to do what it takes for you to love your project. With him working on it, that's easy to do. Highly recommend him.
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