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Professional Microsoft Excel Automation


Seamless Integration of Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL Server

Many are familiar with and comfortable with developing their own in house solutions with Microsoft Excel. Sometimes a higher level of architecture and automation needs to be developed when factoring in the scope of the business as a whole.

Six Hat is expert at developing solutions that encompass the company as a whole, from small businesses to enterprise corporations. We further complete these solutions by marrying Microsoft Access and SQL Server together with Microsoft Excel. This allows businesses to be united in one architecture instead of fragmented across departments.

AG at Six Hat was extremely professional from start to finish. He was close to the upper end of the bids I received, but his initial responses to requirements bespoke familiarity with what I wanted, which was simple for him, and a willingness to show me how it works, which is also a requirement. He took the requirements, improved upon them, and delivered a working prototype that exceeded my requirements and expectations. Additionally, his method of a guided walk-through is very crisp - it shows the right level of detail and hits key requirements points without getting lost in the technical weeds. Very satisfied, will recommend, will likely ask for his help again.
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