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Clean & Uncluttered, Mobile & S.E.O. Optimized

Companies spend billions of dollars annually to draw visitors to their websites. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of that is geared towards retaining and converting all of the visitors that are drawn in. What do visitors find when they come to your site? Like everything else in life first impressions can make or break a company. Chances are these days that many potential customers first impression of your business will be your website.

Six Hat Solutions develops sites catered to our customers industry… but moreover we cater to each customer specifically. We deliver clean, uncluttered, refreshingly easy to use and navigate websites. We further fully deliver your message or advertise your products or services though attractive attention grabbing video presentations and illustrations.

All of our sites are S.E.O. optimized and mobile ready. So no matter what device your future visitors use you will be beautifully represented in screens of all sizes. Call us for a free consultation and allow us to tell you more of what we can do for your business.

Anthony is quite brilliant at what he does and is extremely diligent. His communication is fantastic and is willing to go above and beyond. He is reliable and efficient and is willing to do what it takes for you to love your project. With him working on it, that's easy to do. Highly recommend him.
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